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A misnomer for the baseball term “Base routes” which refers to the imaginary range from center range (unmarked) between very first to 2nd to third base. Additionally includes the line (marked) from home to very first and from third to home The runner is not permitted to leave this imaginary line in order to avoid becoming tagged aside, unless the runner is avoiding a new player fielding a batted ball.The variation derives from a mispronunciation of the term “base road” where “th” in “paths”, is lazily talked leading to a “Z” or “D” noise at the end of the word.Background:On the latest York Mets forums August 28, 2010, poster “C0bra” Insulted other posters for devoid of heard of the definition of “Base Pads” and proceeded to insist it was indeed, a genuine baseball term. Poster “Ilikethemets” was initially to call-out the blunder, hilarity hence ensued. by RodolfoReport definition
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