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(n) The number forty-five
(n) A gramophone record played at 45 revolutions each and every minute.
(a) being five more than forty

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A beer called Colt 45 & is purchased at numerous convience shops by Dorthy FlakeReport definition
.45 Caliber cartridge. Occasionally regularly make reference to the firearms that fire such cartridges.11.4mm in diameter, the typical .45 quality round weighs in at half an ounce.Though there are lots of arcane .45 caliber cartridges, both common are the .45ACP (automatic Colt Pistol) while the .45 Colt, that will be an obsolete but well-known round. The .45 Colt round is longer than the .45ACP round, and ended up being created by Colt to suit their particular Single Action revolver, that your US Army used over the last decades of nineteenth century. The .45ACP round was designed to be utilized inside 1911 pistol, by John Moses Browning. The gun was adopted by the US Army a couple of years following its creation, and was used by the usa until it absolutely was replaced because of the Beretta M9 (Military designation when it comes to Beretta 92) throughout the 1980s. Given that it was used during both World Wars, Korea and Vietnam, thousands and thousands of 1911s were created. The Colt 1911 is generally described as a “Colt .45” or “Government .45.” The pitfalls of this .45ACP cartridge are the large-size for the round, heavy recoil and bad ballistics. Because the round is nearly 2.5 millimeters greater in diameter as compared to 9mm cartridge, far fewer can easily fit into a gun’s magazine, additionally the firearm should be larger so that you can accommodate the round. The significant thought recoil can also be a problem, because fast or continued fire is difficult to steadfastly keep up on target. The ballistics associated with .45 caliber cartridge are disappointing, the round moves nearly 200 legs per second slower than a 9x19 (9mm) cartridge. The 1911 pistol is still well-known, despite being nearly 100 years old in design. The firearm’s single action method and low magazine ability happen overcome by some firearm producers, especially Para-Ordinance, whoever LDA trigger methods are amazing, and whoever high mag capability structures have revitalized the 1911 pistol. by Tawanna DerosaReport definition
A 45 pound (20kg) standard fat dish applied to Olympic barbells. Usually regarded just as "1 plate" or "a plate". by AbbeyReport definition
.45 could be the caliber, in inches, not mm. a 45mm weapon is fucking huge. by MelanyReport definition
1) a firearm chambered the .45 ACP cartridge (usually a big framework semi-automatic) or perhaps the ammunition for same.2) phonograph record or player with 45 RPM spindle rate.3) (archaic) a firearm chambered for the .45 Colt cartridge (frequently a single-action revolver, as present in western films) by JeffereyReport definition
A hybrid left hook/uppercut, created by Oscar De Los Angeles Hoya as a result of direction at which the punch is delivered. by Ivory IbrahimReport definition

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