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(n) The cardinal number 4.
(n) the cardinal quantity that is the amount of three and one
(p) acronym of for
(a) an additional than three; denoting a quantity comprising four items or units; -- representing the number four as an Arabic numeral.
(a) becoming an additional than three

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In binary, 00100.Binary are shown by supporting a finger for 1, and holding it down for 0.So... try it.00100.See? by Victor KieserReport definition
the actual only real number with as numerous letters as its worth. by Valery FavoriteReport definition
the world revolves across the quantity 4... by BreannReport definition
the quantity after 3the amount of 2 and 2the product of 2 and 2the 4th numberthe square-root of 16the tiniest perfect squarethe amount of people you'll need for a-game of foursquarethe number of individuals you need for a casino game of coastline volleyballthe range balls you will need to pitch in baseball to walkthe range corners and side on all recreation fieldsthe few corners and sides of any television screen and any square appliancethe quantity of prongs regarding the typical forkthe amount of minds on mount Rushmoorethe period of time a president acts in a phrase in USAthe quantity on Brett Favres jerseythe number of people required for an official orgythe amount of quarters in a dollarthe number of legs on most animalsthe wide range of feet on most seats and tablesthe wide range of planets within the asteroid beltthe range gas leaders inside solar power systemthe quantity of nucleobase types in DNAthe amount of chambers into the mammalian heartthe quantity of canines, incisors, and knowledge teeth in the person mouththe number of months in a yearthe range cardinal directionsthe number of people in the average rock bandand far more... by TariReport definition
1) several. After 3 and and before 5.2) just what retards use when it comes to word "for" and letter "A" by Evon AburtoReport definition
several which can be considered incredibly unfortunate in Chinese and Japanese tradition. The pronunciation regarding the character for "death" sounds like compared to the quantity four in both languages, which makes it several seldom present in hospitals (or pachinko halls). by Bettye BeamReport definition
two plus two; two times two by Exie GardReport definition

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    • four, IV
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    • digit, figure
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    • 2
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    • cardinal
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    • 3, 2, 12, 1-1/2, ×
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