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(a) Three-dimensional.
(a) Third, like in: after the 2nd; commonly used in appropriate writing.
(n) a film with images having three dimensional type or look
(n) having a three-dimensional form or appearance

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1. definitely exagerated. 2. Extra-ordinary. 3. extremely Vivid or highly defined by AbbeyReport definition
Type:NounStands for:Dudley Death DropDescription:It could be the double-team completing move of the Dudley Boyz/Team 3D (especially D-Von and Buh-Buh Ray). The finisher involves the adversary being slammed face very first (often through a table)onto the ground/ring.Another feasible reasons why this finisher is known as "3D" is basically because measurements the three people's bodies (like the individual being slammed) are facing form the three spacial dimensions. One of the Dudley's face ahead (forward/backward measurement), the second Dudley is facing remaining or right relative to 1st Dudley (left/right dimension), and individual being slammed faces down (up/down dimension). by AnjelicaReport definition
Abbreviation for constant Dose of Dick by Danae VanallenReport definition
1. three-dimensional 2. relating to a movie, online game, etc. this is certainly made with three-dimensional animated photos by Homer MoretReport definition
Short for 3-Demensional, indicating an object has actually 3 demensions. by LyleReport definition
thee biggest musical organization on the planet,. by RobertoReport definition

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    • 3rd
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