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A kick ass band with awesome guitar, and awesome lyrics by Harvey MaudlinReport definition
an alternate metal musical organization that created in 2000.there noise is generally on the same wavelengths of chevelle,a perfect circle and tool(though these are typicallyn't almost because complex as device,of program)but extremely similar to device as i said because 1.jesse hasek's vocals features a really maynard like tone to it and 2.bassist louis cosby's playing can sometimes be comparable to justin chancellor(listen to "fault range")they are far more or less radio friendly though,but these are typically EXTREMELY underated.i recommend their particular 2005 record "the autumn result".as of existing times,they did change their sound quite a bit though. by Lynwood CowanReport definition
A person taking a very long amount of time.If someone takes longer than average person.Wasting time. by BuddyReport definition
probably the most amazing rings previously. The lyrics are important, one thing you can't state for many bands today. The vocals and guitars and drums are astonishing. One of the best reasons for having them is they really keep in touch with their fans and they are so substantial and so friendly to any or all. They really have an electronic bundle package for sale on iTUNES that includes the newly circulated single Actions & Motives, a live interview movie, and an acoustic version of the tune Russian Roulette. And it's really only $1.99 they're an excellent great band. by ErnestoReport definition
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