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(n) The cardinal number 1, a single thing or unit.
(n) A digit in decimal and every various other base numbering system, including binary, octal, and hexadecimal.
(n) The identification factor with respect to multiplication in a ring.
(a) made use of of one unit or thing; not a couple of; -- representing the top as an Arabic numeral.
(a) utilized of one product or thing; not several

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definition goodbye or I am going to see you later. by DamienReport definition
It is brought from nyc and it's also brief for ONE LOVE, folks make use of it as a departure. Whenever you talk to some body your close 2 and/or a buddy you'd say 1, befor you obtain off the phone or whenever your leaving your freind or household. by MaxwellReport definition
initial "real" quantity in mathematics. Also present in large quantities in articles by writers with forgotten to keep down the "Shift" secret. by Sherman MatlockReport definition
1 is short for one love. It's employed for good-bye or 'Im aside' by AndresReport definition
(meaning A)The 1337 method of noting you have to keep. Since many folks talking on the web are sluggish, they constantly search for shortened approaches to express their emails. This way, the evolution of this term has inarguably reached its top."Gotta get" -> "g2g" -> "g to g" -> "g/g" -> "1"hence, from idiom to abbreviation to mathematical proportion, we now have 1.(Definition B)Again, such as 1337, sets of 1s enable you to end exclamatory phrases, often for the intended purpose of mocking n00bs which significantly overuse exclamation marks and don't release the 1 key prior to the "Shift" secret. Can be used with extra extensions such as "one", "eleven", "sin(x)^2+cos(x)^2", or "-(e^(pi*i))". See the instance for increased detail.(meaning C)For younger children, particularly those recently potty-trained, a brief system of quantity rules is employed to stop shame whenever a child audibly needs to use visit the restroom in public. Urination is known as "1", excrement is "2". by EmanuelReport definition
The loneliest quantity you will ever do. by Guillermina MclarenReport definition
The IQ of President George Bush. by CarmelaReport definition

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