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1) adj., Someone who has already established their determine or life activities compromised by another, usually some one 31337.2) A computing facility that's been totally compromised, frequently in termsof stability, due to 31337 activities. by PamilaReport definition
becoming outdone in a humiliating style, frequently at an online online game including Counterstrike or Team fortress by Elmira TorbertReport definition
A l33t term the state of getting been effectively hacked. by IoneReport definition
A wordl33tword term for state of experiencing been successfully hacked. by Valeria SantosReport definition
Whenever you are operating or elsewhere showing-off your ownership of a Ferrari, especially by in addition putting on Ferrari garments and shoes, see Ferrari fag, and a Lamborghini brings up. by ColtonReport definition
Getting 0wned, 0wnd, or 0wnzd means getting your arse severely beaten, either mentally, literally, emotionally or other. A word frequently utilized by those who deem on their own is of this l33t status. by DevonaReport definition
0wned - the work of beating someone at a-game which includes no influence on any such thing by KimberyReport definition
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