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Synonym of "0wn" and "0wn3d". To 0wn, or even to have 0wn3d. To stay in the entire process of 0wning. To descibe yourself together which 0wnz on a regular basis. by Willy WittyReport definition
a phrase used by CS nerds and lamers. An integral part of the l337sp34k language. If someones 0wnz anything - they truly are great at it. If some one 0wnz somebody, then they are better than that person at one thing. by LacyReport definition
your can purchase anything, or someone.To slay someone in a manner making themselves appear to be a n00b.To be 0wn3d would-be being slaughtered by t3h 0wn4g3. (or perhaps in heavy l33t, 0\/\/|\|493 ) by Cyrstal VarneyReport definition
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