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Obama bucks is a prime exemplory case of the gullibility and stupidity of minorities (mostly niggers) which were duped because of the Democratic celebration into believing they’re eligible for free funds from the us government to fund their particular rent, cars, fuel, alcohol, unhealthy foods, bling, medicines an such like. This is an extension associated with the entitlement mind-set that has been propagated by race pimps such as the Rectum Jesse Jackson as well as the Rectum Al Sharpton that allowed these news whores to guide niggers into thinking that they are sufferers and are usually owed cash because their particular ancestors had been slaves. Truth is numerous niggers don’t know whom their fathers tend to be. In 2008, the Obama promotion played with this ignorance and had promotion employees falsely spread these lies to get all of them off their particular asses to vote for him. These sub-human animals continue to be awaiting Obama’s promise of even more no-cost cash. Really the only men and women in fact receiving Obama dollars tend to be companies and companies that benefit him politically. Obama really is doing just what he is able to to gut the benefit reform legislation that has been passed during Clinton management (under some pressure by a Republican congress as well as which Clinton took credit) to restore the handouts at the expense of truthful, hardworking americans (referred to as redistribution of wide range). by Roseanne ZiolkowskiReport definition
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