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An 0331 is aquatic device gunner. the dumbass above did not mention that its not merely a SAW they carry. Additionally they use the M240B, M2 .50 cal, in addition to MK-19 40mm machine-gun. These are the most badass muthafuckas to go this earth and are usually the anchor of Marine Infantry devices. by Danelle CuddyReport definition
A Grunt in america Marines whom carries a SAW (Squad automated Weapon) AKA Machine GunThe worst work in the entire goddamn military. You run-around an go on lengthy humps (HIKES) in top gear an you also need to lug around a device firearm which takes forever to clean an almost never works as it's needed, because the Marine Corp cannot offer correct lubrication for the weapon therefore it does only jam.Of Course every person in your squad just who isnt an 0331 really wants to use your machine-gun, an make video clips from it. however they do not wanna clean it. by Cleora WoodReport definition
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