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Badass gun that this fucking n00b obviously can't handle. Overkill is necessary when you're dealing with an endless horde of zombowlies that need an instant and terribly gooey beheading. by DemarcusReport definition
Close-range combat pistol developed by the Israeli Army. Featured in lots of activity films. Labeled incorrect, however models have actually a gas chamber, for that reason reducing the kickback and dispelling the "inaccurate claim". by BridgettReport definition
huge handgun cartridge a half inch in diameter (12.7mm). Created by Evan Whildin of Action Arms become chambered in Magnum analysis's massive Desert Eagle pistol. The scenario features a rebated rim, that makes it function better in semi-automatic pistols than rimmed cases, that are usually used in revolvers. A 300 gr. round from a 6" barrel of the DE has actually a velocity of 1,500 fps with 1,600 ft-lb of forces, making it incredibly overpowered for self defense purposes against a human target.Dispite its unpractical use for self defense purposes, the .50 AE is generally portrayed from Hollywood movies to game titles as a result of eye appeal of the Desert Eagle pistol. In real life, the .50AE is primarily found in target shooting for people who have a kick off shooting huge bore handguns. It's also a fantastic handgun looking cartridge for semi-auto enthuiasts. Some may be crazy enough to use the cartridge for self or house protection as a result of Desert Eagle's frequent portrayal within the news. by BradReport definition
A .50 caliber pistol cartrige that, considering activity films and video gaming, has recieves more quality and admiration than it deserves. Widely known pistol in .50 AE may be the huge, intimidating Desert Eagle. Actually, .50 AE tools are very not practical and extremely effective. The recoil and sound are too much for many shooters, additionally the large-diameter of this round restricts the ability. For example, the .357 Magnum Desert Eagle keeps 9 rounds, instead of the variant in .50 Action Express which keeps 7. Why lose two rounds for a needlessly huge bulet, once you may have two even more inside proven stopper caliber of .357 Magnum. Contemplate that the next occasion the thing is 'Eraser' or 'the past Action Hero.' The .50 AE is a needless overkill. by Victor KieserReport definition
The .50 Action Express is a robust rebated rim cartridge developed by Evan Whildin (NOT the Israeli Army)of Action Arms especially for the IMI Desert Eagle (NOT a close range fight pistol) The rim diameter regarding the .50 AE is equivalent to the .44 Remington Magnum cartridge for whcih the pistol was already chambered, consequently just a barrel and mag modification must transform a .44 Desert Eagle into bigger, better .50 AE. All Desert Eagle pistols are gas operated automatics with a rotating bolt locking system comparable to that found on the AR15 M16 rifles. The recoil associated with the .50 AE Desert Eagle is roughly estimated to 240 whole grain .44 magnum ammo fired from much revolver particularly a Ruger Redhawk. Immense not life altering. by Deedee TittleReport definition
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