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As in most big bore tools, the 50 AE is designed for more experienced shooters. With increased energy compared to the preferred .44 magnum, you need to sacrafice the quantity of ammunition in the mag. 7+1. And people who think its overkill to own a Desert Eagle chambered inside quality, after that only do not buy it. I notice of statements that it will create an excessive amount of penetration for self-defense, hence it offers no-good purpose, but those who make these statements clearly have experienced either a negative experience while shooting one, or simply also inexpensive to spend the cash the ammo. but i also hear that a .357 mag will go through an engine block. i'm still yet to see it. i question it will. thats a myth. and so I tell those who down-talk this excellent cartridge, bring your .357 therefore we'll see just what round prevents what very first. We have a Mark XIX chambered in .50 and cant seem to get a hold of such a thing wich would deter myself from deploying it such a manner. its a searching round, and i shall make use of it for self defense purposes, and make it every day. the extra weight comes with the territory. Most people that shoot these the very first time typically have a tendency to limp wrist the gun and make it jam. they also will push up regarding the magazine wich subsequently may cause it to jam. as far as phoning it overkill, really thats rediculious. today shooting an assailant with a .50 bmg will be overkill. all things considered, its a pistol. and people that want to disagree, after that simply do not purchase it. most likely, it serves its function respectivley, because do many firearms. by OrvalReport definition
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