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According to a pal of my own:"The .44 magnum, for if you want to capture through perhaps not 1 car, not 2 vehicles but 3!"additionally effective at destroying your arms if you hold it wrong by DamienReport definition
The dangerous duo of a 40oz. of malt alcohol and a Four Loko that enable you to get intoxicated on an industrial scale. The .44 magnum integrates the course of malt alcohol aided by the full-bodied, complex, palate-pleasuring taste of this Four Loko. The 44 magnum is not safe for the kids, ladies who are pregnant, nursing or may become expecting, or anyone else. If you should be consuming a 44 magnum, you're most surely not sensation fortunate... punk. Best when duct-taped toward fingers of an unfortunate pledge, or whenever poured down the drain in a symbolic show of contempt for such an ungodly mixture. The 44 magnum will require your every little thing. by Olene LucchesiReport definition
a giant fucking round. In the event that you have struck by this beast, there will not be a great deal remaining. by Dannie ShahidReport definition
A nice big bottle of wine, classic 1944. by DanielReport definition
A handgun cartrige orignially created the Smith & Wesson. Model 29 double action revolver. The .44 Mag could be the brainchild of pistolero Elmer Keith. The .44 Magnum ended up being permanently immortalized when it was initially noticed in the Clint Eastwood film, 'Dirty Harry.' It has become a well known handgun searching round, and can be found chambered in various handguns, such as the Smith & Wesson 629 (and variants), Ruger's Blackhawk, Redhawk, and Super Red Hawk revolvers, and of course the previously popular Israeli Desert Eagle autoloading pistol. While no longer the reining heavyweight winner, it's much more practical than cartridges such as the .454 Casull, .475 Linebaugh, (.50 activity Express), and .500 Smith & Wesson. by Alease MeunierReport definition
The most badass hand cannon ever before. Your enemies shit by themselves when you hold this gat with their face. by CarieReport definition
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