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A caliber manufactured by Smith & Wesson for ladies and limp-wristed guys, this cartridge is a little more powerful than the 9mm but cannot approach .45 ACP by RobertoReport definition
A .40 cal is an improved type of of the 9mm. Its about the same dimensions but packs more energy, a popular of medicine dealers. by Sandy MessmerReport definition
.40 Cal: to put it simply, a huge ass fucking gun. Typically a semi-automatic with no safety and a rubber hold handle. It'll screw you up. by Cleora WoodReport definition
A .40 cal is certainly not a large fucking firearm, it's a greater type of the 9mm. What it really is is a 10mm bullet, and packs more punch than the 9mm, but still enables exactly the same (large capability) number of rounds becoming held in a clip. A popular of medicine dealers. by Cassie HaranReport definition
First introduced by Smith&Wesson in 1990. Ballisticly similar to the 9mm parabellum, however with muzzle velocity exceeding all 9mm loads, and surpassing most standard lots of the outdated .45ACP cartridge, whilst having a standard mag ability of as many as 15 rounds (G22) as compared to the 7 round standard 1911 publications, or the awkward-to-hold 13rd G20. Inspite of the belief or most inexperienced utilizing the round, the .40 S&W has actually visibly even more recoil then .45ACP. by Nilsa BogardReport definition
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