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Dot dot dot... silence... by GeraldoReport definition
mainly utilized in boards or online forums, in response to a sentence or expression which can not be replied to in just about any various other way since it is incredibly stupid or strange. by Cyrstal VarneyReport definition
Long silence, frequently found in reaction to a stupid concern. by EltonReport definition
A series of 3 times that, like the word "Hmm" may be used as a place filler during an uncomfortable silence. However, they're also familiar with produce anticipation for frequently unimportant situations, to resolve a stupid question, counter a stupid remark, or just to piss people down as a result of overuse. by Rosio ReichertReport definition
1) Puncuation used to show a trailing thought.2) always denote a contemplative or mocking silence.3) Sometimes utilized by people who have no understanding of English to end every phrase or idea. by Helene InouyeReport definition
triple dot of awkwardnessused in textinga option to state that you're not really certain, or allows not mention it by Michele FellerReport definition
also referred to as an ellipsis, often accustomed portray a word or term essential for an entire syntactical construction although not required for comprehension.1) Often utilized after a written sentence to denote trailing down See Yada Yada Yada2) Used in reaction to a (written) incomprehensible declaration or a rhetorical question by EldridgeReport definition
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