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used to denote a clause within an actual sentence (or often inbetween exactly what some would think about as othrewise *two* seperate phrases, though tend to be one due to its '..'-connection) for a briefer amount of time than a complete ellipsis(…, ...) denotes(example1). Additionally utilized occasionally before a question-mark{?} whenever what the somebody is saying is apparently trailing-off so-to-speak, though can be substitued by ...(example2). by Thea WinbushReport definition
Chev(plural Chevi; through the French word Chevalier, meaning Knight or "mounted soldier")1 Two dots that signifies a well-thought out or essential declaration using the intention to be seen by numerous people, frequently on the web..2 In text messaging, the two dots denote a statement that expects an answer..https://www.facebook.com/2Dots1Chev by Mariah HornakReport definition
like an everyday ellipses, but you do not want the individual getting the writing to learn you would imagine this way. They could consider its a typo. by Dane AlgarinReport definition
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