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(s) Possessing; full of; characterized by: joyous.
(s) Having a valence below compared to a specified element in compounds or ions known as with adjectives closing in -ic: ferrous.
(s) familiar with develop adjectives from nouns.
A suffix of Latin origin, forming, from nouns, adjectives denoting fullness or abundance, or occasionally simply the presence, regarding the thing or quality expressed because of the noun, such as callous, famous, large, odious, spiritual, magnificent, vicious, etc. (see etymology).
(n) In chem., a suffix regularly denote the existence in a compound of a relatively electronegative constituent in smaller proportion compared to the matching mixture which title bears the suffix -ic. In each case the suffix is connected to the name of this reasonably electropositive constituent, as ferrous oxid (FeO) and ferric oxid (Fe2O3), stannous chlorid (SnCl2) and stannic chlorid (SnCl4).

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