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Developing more and more obsolete because of the arrival of sleeker, stronger starfighters, the Y-wing nonetheless features a proud reputation solution when you look at the Rebel Alliance. The durable fighter-bomber gets its name from its shape: a reinforced main spar links the cockpit to a cross-spar. At each and every end for the cross-spar rests a powerful engine nacelle, which houses the fighter's sublight and hyperdrive motors. Just aft of the seat module could be the astromech droid socket.The Y-wing's major tools are twin forward-firing laser cannons, housed in a recessed slot in the front regarding the seat component. Another weapon is a turret mounted paired pair of cannons. Though numerous Y-wings fly as single-pilot fighters, some recreation a two-seat setup with a rear-facing tailgunner operating the turret canons.The Y-wing in addition carries proton torpedo launchers. During Battles of Yavin and Endor, Y-wing squadrons were important in aiding defeat the Death Star threats. A Y-wing brandishes its squadron colors and markings on its main seat component additionally the forward ideas of this motor nacelles. by AbbeyReport definition
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