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The bone-chilling cold is not the only danger that awaits a traveler from the Hoth flatlands. Despite standing over two yards in height, the wampa ice creature is nonetheless a stealthy predator. Its white fur could be the perfect camouflage, additionally the howling Hoth winds mask its approach until its far too late. With a crushing blow from the clawed hand, a wampa is strong adequate to break the neck of also a hardy tauntaun.Wampas live in caves carved from ice. It is here that the ice creature drags its prey. It suspends its sufferers from the cave ceiling until its prepared to feast.The Rebels were plagued with wampa assaults when they erected their hidden base on Hoth. Commander Luke Skywalker ended up being savagely assaulted by a wampa during scouting responsibility. Skywalker narrowly escaped getting a meal and dying in a Hoth blizzard. Despite bacta treatment administered by the skilled health droid 2-1B, Luke nevertheless bears scars from that encounter.right before the evacuation of the Hoth base, the Rebels had to deal with duplicated wampa attacks. The first indicator that has been something wrong had been the development of a-dead tauntaun, its throat mysteriously broken. Attracted to the sound of astromech droids, a few wampa ice creatures penetrated deeper and much deeper into the Alliance caverns. The Rebels had the ability to capture one wampa in a pen before needing to abandon Echo Base completely. by LatrinaReport definition
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