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Luke becomes a Jedi Knight, practically shacks with his cousin and beats the Empire on a weekly foundation. On his weekends he enjoys fishing and fucking around together with droid. Before he had been a Jedi Knight he had been raised by some sand farmers. Apprently there is a big need for sand on Tatooine.Anyway that cousin he practically shacked up with, Princess Laid-ahh, well she's performing an area pirate known as give's Alone in which he completely kicks ass. Returning to the land though, this guy telephone call Old Dirty Ben is really Obi Wan Ken-to-tha-Obi. He gives Luke a bit so mofos regarding the road never mess with him and shows him how exactly to work that thing.One time he got in a fight with a Sand visitors man (these were Sand guys, nevertheless the feminist took care of that) and completely banged his butt. He got smoked by one in the initial film but got their own straight back. It had beenn't in the movie, but its greatly implied. Confident thats right.Well later on we find out his father had been a prick then he turned good for like 1 moment making sure that was designed to make every little thing okay. I dunno. Luke practically kills him. Thats pretty fucked up. His father cut his hand off also as they had been on Jerry Springer. The program ended up being like "My dad's a douche and blew up a planet" or something.Luke learns shit from Yodel. He is like Kermit, but without having the company feeling. Kermit ran a taut ship on the Muppet Show. I don't how that Fuzzy Bear or whatever remained in. We never got any one of their jokes!One time Luke Skywalker had been on Muppet Show. It's totally true! I am convinced it really is area of the storyline. It fills in gap between a Hope additionally the Empire Strikes right back.So in short Luke starts out a a bit of a dweeb but becomes fairly cool. He have an cool black colored outfit, kicks butt using the lightsaber and that can utilize the power to toss shit at things. I suppose his dads not bad at all. He was a complete bad ass for many the great trilogy. He had been a dick within the most recent three though.Conclusion: --Luke Skywalker-- = dweeb to coolness by MarilynnReport definition
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