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found in the Hoth system is a chaotic asteroid area filled with dangerous swarms of colliding rocks. Stray bodies through the area get caught in Hoth's gravity really, and enter the ice planet's environment, becoming meteorites.If the danger of becoming broken by massive asteroids just isn't enough to deter the essential foolhardy pilot, the asteroid industry is also residence to dangerous lifeforms. One or more unbelievably huge room slug made a property from one of many larger asteroids. The industry is infested by mynocks, leathery-winged power parasites that attach themselves to driving boats after which nibble on the ability cables.The odds of effectively navigating an asteroid field tend to be about 3,720 to 1. Han Solo, never ever being also concerned with the chances, recklessly plunged the Millennium Falcon to the area to flee Imperial pursuit following the Battle of Hoth. by ErnestoReport definition
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