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After leaving their headquarters during the Massassi outpost on Yavin 4, the core number of the Rebel Alliance established Echo Base in the Hoth. Alliance designers worked non-stop to adapt their particular technology to endure the subzero temperature extremes of this frigid ice earth. Whenever specialists were unable to obtain the T-47s performance in time, the Rebels domesticated the native tauntaun for use as a patrol mount.The neurological center of Echo Base was its darkened command center, in which General Rieekan issued instructions into the sleep of their troops. Here, Alliance scanner operators carefully monitored incoming information from the scattered detectors placed by Rebel scouts in Hoth wilderness.Protecting Echo Base ended up being a strong power guard strong adequate to deflect Imperial bombardment. Whenever Empire found its way to the Hoth system, the Rebels erected the guard, forcing the Imperials to take part in a ground battle. The Rebels speedily evacuated the personnel and gear they could aboard Rebel transports with starfighter escorts, offering covering fire the fleeing ships from an enormous ground-based ion cannon.As the transports retreated, the Rebel ground forces and snowspeeder squadrons covered their particular escape by delaying the Imperials provided they could. Rebel troopers dug into snowy trenches, blasting at the inbound Imperials with turret-mounted laser cannons and blaster rifles. The Imperial walkers were unstoppable. The Rebels had been routed and Echo Base was overrun. by Nilsa BogardReport definition
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