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  • An equally awful MTV without any artistic news. Exact same tracks every 30 moments, and stupid men and women phoning directly into state "performed we Earn?! Oh My Jesus we Won!" by Verla PauloReport definition
  • Are you folks stupid or something like that? It is a pop place. Will you be men retards? "Oh we will just vote this def down because we fancy pop music music which guy is against it" really pop sucks and Z100 causes it to be suck much more. AND...Clear Channel sucks and you also guys really should not be enjoying their channels.(also for you personally dumbfucks on the market, "AM/FM Radio, Inc." is a radio station team created by Clear Channel, therefore do not get saying "OMG CLEAR CHANNEL DOESN'T personal THAT FACILITY!!!" Cause they do, bitch. Simply examine Z100's site) by Nikita IsabellReport definition
  • if you really tune in to this you ought to get shotimma havta accept that various other guyfuckin prepsit's also for flamers by LacyReport definition
  • Radio section in New York. Although it does overplay equivalent songs repeatedly, it is still great considering Elvis Duran therefore the Z-Morning Zoo. by Avelina LonginoReport definition
  • A radio place that idiots which dont understand what they are doing pay attention to, if you listen to it, anything you hear is the same crap over and over again by BradReport definition
  • numerous r / c, including one out of NY and another in Portland, OR. by LonReport definition
  • A radio station in New York City, 100.3 FM to-be precise. by KimberyReport definition
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