What does z00t mean in Urban Dictionary?

  • Add suit to zoot along with Zoot match or Zoot Suiter. A Mexican or other nationality just who wears old 1940s style pin stripe suits, typically with baggy pants with "pegged" legs and suit jackets with broad shoulders and wide brim hats. May be a gang user or performer just who hangs with other zoot suiters. by BreannReport definition
  • similar meaning as w00t.. except it's stronger. by Meaghan GregoReport definition
  • An exclamation of pure joy. by Eva ValerioReport definition
  • like w00t, however with even more energy and glee. by BradReport definition
  • An adjective and a manifestation to spell it out something which is excellent, powerful, delicious or sexy or an exclamation denoting extreme pleasure of best quality. by Pearlie ParnellReport definition
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