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  • common in poorly dubbed fighting styles movie. used in personal options in the beginning during the greeting but additionally during commercial pauses at awkward silences to rescue the team from random foug details by Claudio BeamerReport definition
  • A term used to define a subtle action, occurance, situation, or thing in daily life that someone notices or mentally grasps, which others don't, or can't; usually due to their lack of imagination. Which means that the person is not a conformist and has a richly unique personality, and imagination. Therefore waaa is something that someone has to work at, to be able to mentally grasp. waaa could be many things, occurances, situations; as long as someone who officially gets(meaning understands) waaa recognizes it as so. If someone doesn't get waaa, it may seem like a really difficult concept to understand. People who get waaa are bretheren of each other, and should rspect each other for being so unique. waaa is a noun.(thing) by Marlys MontanaReport definition
  • A greeting homies share with each other in New Orleans. Like wha up! typical a excited greeting or just delighted! If ya don't like you don't have to utilize it!! by Major MarlowReport definition
  • A combination of 'What?!' and 'Hahaha'. Regularly exclaim absolute disbelief in somebody else's actions. by Irmgard CaponeReport definition
  • A term mocking somebody who is moaning about some thing, regardless of how major or small the issue is. by AntioneReport definition
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