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  • a business accountable for one of the scariest TV logos ever sold, the Purple V of Doom! by Yessenia MitraReport definition
  • Viacom is worldwide news company, It offers... broadcast and cable stations. Has holds in radio, outdoor advertising, and on the web. Viacom's well-known brands feature CBS, MTV, Nickelodeon, Nick at Nite, VH1, BET, Paramount Pictures, Infinity Broadcasting, Viacom exterior, UPN, TV Land, funny Central, CMT: nation Music tv, King World, Spike television, Showtime, and Simon & Schuster. Some say they are responsible for the recent drop in music. This might or may not be true. . by Evalyn SegarsReport definition
  • What MTV sold out to. Now, by doing so, all songs it shows are pure shit. by Leonie LothReport definition
  • an evil firm that has paramount comedy main as well as other material by JodiReport definition
  • A corporation that manages MTV, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, CMT, VH1 and many other news sources and it is the main of most bad. A church in Iowa claims that all mentionings of Satan inside their Bibles and Gospils had been changed to read through "Viacom" in place of Satan with no, it was perhaps not with white out and it seemed as is Viacom was really the thing that was printing-in the writing. Viacom, after getting a considerable share regarding the pop media from other companies, is said to be brainwashing Generation Y (aka Generation MTV) into performing whatever they need them doing. TRL is a prime illustration of Viacom's workings. Several boycotts are placed from the business and they are the slightest little bit of light we now have, without these boycotts we'd have teenyboppers flooding UD with definitions of emo, Gerard Way and MySpace. Oh wait, we already have that. Nevermind that component. Anyways, just boycott the shit out-of all of them therefore we'll be great for the present time. by DevonaReport definition
  • The shit company that copyrights all the best shows, like Doug, and Eureka's Castle, so no one can view them on YouTube once they get terminated, and also have to pirate them illegally. by DemarcusReport definition
  • A multi-billion dollar firm which manages a large part of network television regarding atmosphere these days, including, not limited by: MTV, BET, VH1, Nickelodeon, and Comedy Central. Viacom's influence on the ideals of Us citizens varying in age from 6 to mid-20s is enormous. Viacom is methodically eliminating separate news organizations in an attempt to monopolize American media. Viacom is a "special interest group" to United States presidents, meaning Viacom really bribes government officials to show others way because it takes hold on more news. by Michele FellerReport definition
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