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  • also called Tae Kwon get it done is a foolish and inneffective martial art that can is actually the biggest in America. TKD is certainly not effective and may not be taken seriously. by Virgie KerseyReport definition
  • taekwondo. the most sperior martial art in the world. kungfu is just a messy dance. by Elmira TorbertReport definition
  • Abbreviation of Taekwondo, which is Korean for "the way in which regarding the hand and foot." When taekwondo is called "TKD," it is almost always by those who consider the martial art as a hobby, which will be a perversion of this initial intent of its creators.Although taekwondo is powerfull in the hands of the which utilize it properly, people who treat the martial-art as a casino game generally speaking skip most of what this art is offering. They are the people that state "you wouldn't like to wreak havoc on me, I'm a black buckle!" or even the people that worry more info on ranking than in fact discovering such a thing. In no way are those who apply the skill of taekwondo such as this, however. by Isabelle MusanteReport definition
  • TKD is an abbreviation for "Taking a dump"even though many usually use this abbreviation to suggest Tae Kwon Do, these are typically mistaken. An individual lets you know they will TKD for an hour of rehearse, so now you understand what they truly are actually doing for that time of 'practice' by Darleen ZawislakReport definition
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