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  • A Scabber is a person who, actually leaves you for some other person, or even do something else_to be scabbed down_ by Isabelle MusanteReport definition
  • women who is frequently engaged in the nefarious functions of using her womanliness to get ascendancy in a relationship - typically to siphon off the goals material possessions into her own control. (A derivation of scabbing, the art of acquiring things off their people through legitimate demands). by MervinReport definition
  • An illegal cab driver which curb crawls main London for drunks and E-heads. He is often known as Tremendous, of African persuasion along with his vehicle has no income tax or insurance. Once you've haggled the fair from Islington to Peckham right down to 45 quid, you and your six mates will squeeze into their Datsun Cherry and go to include the odor of your five donner kebabs towards currently pervading waft of rancid BO, dreadfully disguised with fluffy dice, acting as environment freshner. Once great features traversed Tower Bridge he'll be waking you up to ask instructions. This is where the assault may potentially begin. Financial firms often avoided, due to the will of mace he keeps under the passenger seat. Once great has actually used the mace towards face then he throttles you with the seatbelt, pistol whips you, and rag-dolls you out from the window till your credit cards come out. He then, empties your friend’s pockets and carries out several identity fraud for the following 17 many years without getting caught.he is able to often be found sniffing lighter-fuel at the wheel. by Brooks BengeReport definition
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