What does s2s mean in Urban Dictionary?

  • Verb- To surf net pornography "site to site". This is the most typical method of watching internet porn. Many times you visit a web link which sends you to an entirely brand new site, leading one to another brand-new web site. by Deetta BrinnReport definition
  • smiles to self , brief hand aka computer system abbreviations by Major MarlowReport definition
  • s2s - adj. phrase. Shot to shit. (Pronounced "ess-two-ess")1. Derogatory expression for bad things and/or men and women. (see crappy)2. Drunk/Intoxicated. by Hilde ColemanReport definition
  • Acronym for "Sucks to Suck," such as it really is extremely unsatisfactory that certain performs at a substandard amount, but there is however nothing you can do about any of it. by Mildred HeffronReport definition
  • A variation of sry2say, indicating unfortunately. by Vera AnkneyReport definition
  • safe to express by Jadwiga JacoxReport definition
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