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  • Tech things:A four-stroke motor's cylinder fires only once every two revolutions. A two-stroke's cylinder fires every change, so a 2-stroke has (all things becoming equal) double the output for the same cylinder dimensions.Problem is the fact that 2-stroke petrol machines never scale-up in dimensions really (although some industrial Diesels *are* 2-stroke).The rotary fires (just like the 2-stroke) when per revolution, so it has possibly two times the production for similar volume as a 4-stroke, in addition to the rotary *does* scale-up OK.Piston engines absorb power throughout the compression cycle, giving a bad torque, but rotaries supply positive torque per entire revolution, since compression, power and fatigue occur at the same time.Rotaries can cost very high rpms in comparison to piston motors because their motion is continuous rather than reciprocating and as the couple of rotating components tend to be small-ish and may be produced very powerful, while piston machines tend to be limited by lower and reduced rpms because they scale up.Rotaries tend to be thirsty if you cane them, but I have 30 mpg touring at 70 miles per hour in my 1985 Series 3, no mods.Fuel consumption is an issue - it really is regarding the burning space becoming an extended, thin rectangle, rather than the even more perfect cylindrical space of a piston motor. And having a turbo giving over 270 shaft HP from a 1.3 litre engine must be a temptation....But no, NOTHING else when you look at the car park appears as damn sexy! by Ling LaidlawReport definition
  • a damn car on the market having its light delay rotary motor, it is not only good, but damn does it appears to be "Freakin nice!" by AntioneReport definition
  • a tremendously fast car made by mazda by LarryReport definition
  • are a symbol of Rotary task 7. The motor makes use of no pistons. It offers less parts than a piston motor, this means less friction. Rotarys are special towards piston, and an entire nother ball game to correct. It came in in 2 popular motor names the 13B which was on FC 1986-1991 (or in japan 1992) the 13B-RE which will be in FD 1993. The FD ended up being asequential turbo setup, the FC ended up being just one turbo(in the us these were NA or Turbo)(1992 Japan had been created with special FCis the Infini designs) both cars provide near 50/50 body weight distribution. they truly are light and potently fast. Those Mustang men think 1.3 liters is nothing huh? Well, you be suprised how the FC's and FD's can certianly be difficult for the 5.0 crap. (BTW, all of the FC's in Japan had been turbo perhaps the convertibles.) The Us would not get as lucky.The replacement for displacement. by Evon AburtoReport definition
  • also called the Savanna in Japan, it's 3 years.1st gen - FB3s2nd gen - FC3s3rd gen - FD3s The Rx7 was only one of the many cars that have been running on the rotary engine. Dr. Ing. Felix Heinrich Wankel invented this particular engine into the 1950's. This design ended up being bought by Mazda and utilized in lots of they may be automobiles from the 1960's - today. 12A (1.2 liter twin rotor n/a) 13B (1.3 liter twin rotor n/a / turbo) and 20B (2.0 triple rotor n/a / turbo) are some of the rotary engine rules being well-known. The motor sits only behind the Rx7’s strut towers making it a true forward middle motor vehicle which gives the vehicle great management characteristics and the pleased owner bragging legal rights. The turbocharged rotaries tend to be awfully unreliable as well as in reality need to be overhauled every 70,000 kilometers. The apex seals tend to be one of many weakest points within the engine, 2nd warping the rotor housing from over home heating happens frequently. These vehicles have terrible fuel useage and are not pleasant to push behind with your windows down. A rotary motor burns off oil through the factory to lubricate the rotor housing walls. Failure to pamper these vehicles can lead to a blown engine really early in the automobiles life. These vehicles have a tremendously difficult time passing smog examinations with high milage. Rx7’s are great automobiles from starting to end, I love them, but we already have a girlfriend that really needs enough upkeep.. my 240Z does me fine. by RobertoReport definition
  • in fact represents 'Rotary Xecret 7' (Dont ask myself why they chose 'X' as opposed to 'S', because we dont know, or treatment.) 3rd generation models will be the most well known, and apart from specific models (kind roentgen, rz, r bathurst) they was included with 260bhp stock regarding the 13B REW engine. Others models all was included with 280bhp, revised suspension, additionally the rz's every came in pearl-white mica with purple recaro trim inside. A very capable low rider, its one of the best automotive inventions ever. For a motor vehicle that will be a 1.3 (although evaluate it with other vehicles its a 2.6), its potential is amazing. Just does 12mpg, but until such time you must refuel, or your apex seals blow, it's going to rather happily whip the living shit regarding many cars on the way. by Rubie MinaReport definition
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