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  • virtually "Read The F**king Manual"; a term showing the disappointment of being troubled with concerns so trivial the asker might have quickly identified the solution independently with reduced energy, typically by reading readily-available documents. Individuals who state "RTFM!" might be considered rude, nevertheless the real rude ones will be the annoying people who take no self-responibility and have a much most of the responses handed to them myself. by Deedee TittleReport definition
  • Read The Fucking Manual by MelanyReport definition
  • "browse the fucking manual." The obvious way to most tech dilemmas. Additionally many overlooked option. by Manual JusticeReport definition
  • RTFM - browse the fucking handbook by Abbie KoepkeReport definition
  • RTFM is a internet term regularly state "browse the f***ing manual" by Valeria SantosReport definition
  • ReadTheFuckingManualThe First Commandment of Technology. by AshaReport definition
  • Proponents of these acronyms encouraging new users to look the knowledge up on their own tend to be discouraging questions which could quickly be answered making use of the FAQs, Wiki or Google.RTFM frequents concerns that commonsense should have precluded asking.Some may choose to reply within manner as opposed to leaving the beginner without a response to be able to simplify what types of concerns are believed improper, unintelligent or inconsiderate of others' time.originally: "read the area handbook" utilized by WWII soldiers whenever requested basic questions by new enlistees.rtfm quickly distribute to engineering, computer & technical industries, and has attained popularity with net consumption.its usefulness has grown significantly because of the development of wiki, where in fact the response is already at everybody's fingertips. by Sonja SevierReport definition
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