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  • a-game show call Roller Toaster Cycoon this is certainly generally mistaken for Roller Coaster Tycoon... by JodiReport definition
  • RTC is an abbreviation when it comes to Navy's Recruit Training Command also referred to as "boot camp" in Great Lakes, ILL. Recruits will invest 1 week for handling and another 2 months for training. RTC is basically the sailorization, and/or means of turning a Navy recruit into a Sailor. by AndresReport definition
  • "Real True Christian," or perhaps the little number of United states conventional fundamentalists who assert which they speak for many Christians. by DinahReport definition
  • The Roblox Twitter Community, also known as RTC. A collective of Twitter users "banded collectively" from ROBLOX. Different men and women within community. by Laurene LenardReport definition
  • R = Rollin'T = Twenty (20)C = CripsRollin' 20 Crips - RTCOne of this two primary crip gangs in longer Beach, California. by Evon AburtoReport definition
  • Quick for:Riveting Tale ChapA much more formal and polite form of COOL STORY BRO. For when someone says anything truly long and/or dull and you also really couldn't care less, yet still want to be nice. by TeodoroReport definition
  • How all hip N. Va children abbreviate Reston Town Center.Also known as Reston, TC, or Town Center. by CaroleReport definition
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