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  • brief for Read the Article.Thought to are derived from fark.com by Anneliese ByrumReport definition
  • in speedrunning (doing offers using the only purpose of finishing it when you look at the lowest time feasible) it's the term for unassisted (see TAS] for tool-assisted runs) operates in the community. It is short for real time assault. by Marcene MaysonetReport definition
  • Abbreviation for Path Traffic Crash. by Pok CuadraReport definition
  • "respond to All."a team of individuals who talk through e-mail. In the place of clicking "respond back" you click "Reply To All." by Leland FeitReport definition
  • limited to grownups, usually means porn by HankReport definition
  • Cleveland's local Transit Authority, aka, the Ride Through Africa. Titled therefore because a sizable proportion of cyclists are Ebony. by Francine EnsorReport definition
  • a stuck up asian one who has to be trendy at all times, and functions better than everybody else. generally known as a "richie type asshole" by Jennie MylesReport definition
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