What does rekt mean in Urban Dictionary?

  • A popular expression employed by commenters on pun pages. Made popular by Jeff "Rekt" Suzuki. by RandyReport definition
  • When someone gets completely damaged. by Armando NoyolaReport definition
  • When someone tosses multiple rapid fire insults at somebody therefore rapidly they don't possess time to register the earlier insults and they are therefor speechless since they're trying to remember the insults so that they can protect themselves. by Delicia TremperReport definition
  • A term when it comes to term "Wrecked." Can be used in texting whenever you're in a rush. May also be used in on line video gaming when a player would trigger another player to deliver hate post regarding the skill of one evoking the fury. by Sherman MatlockReport definition
  • Text for "Wrecked", as sooo drunk you have forgotten your title but could more or less type a text towards mate whose missed labeled as you by DemarcusReport definition
  • A word used to describe some or in action of someone which got "owned" or decimated in a fight or argument. It really is popular by gamers and hipsters. This does not indicate your perhaps not cool by saying this. by AdalineReport definition
  • The MLG OG Hardcore Snoop Dog 420 Blaze it Faze Clan way of saying Wrecked by Dane AlgarinReport definition
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