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  • A pill/capsule that's a CNS Depressant (Central Nervous System) with similar properities to barbiturates, and similar addicting and detachment properities. It had been rapidly pulled from the areas in america as a result of wide-spread abuse, though it performed enjoy a number of years as a near top-selling sedative/hypnotic before becoming made Plan We and therefore prohibited in the united states. Global its a Schedule II managed substance under international legislation and so offered by prescription in most nations...Quaalude is a brand-name for methaqualone (C16 H14 N2 O)... Simply put, Methaqualone is a downer, a depressant, just like barbiturates in most every way, although probably much more addicting. by Cleora WoodReport definition
  • Slang for a form of methamphetamine called methaqualone. Functions as a sedative-hypnotic. Developed when you look at the 60s by the exact same company that makes Maalox ( thus the two fold "a"s ).Word History: Maalox started using it's title when it comes to "ma" in magnesium, the "al" in aluminum, therefore the "ox" from hydroxides. Quaalude borrowed the "aa" concept as well as the remaining word perhaps derives from "quiet interlude" to spell it out the sedation impact. by Ka DeansReport definition
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