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  • Someone equally fictitious as Santa and God, this so-called entity keeps charm for hicks, evangelists and pierced-teen fantasies (and all the while you had been wondering what they have commonly). Also alleged is that he could be a fallen angel, but sources cannot tell how he dropped, from where, and performed he take any para-legal action instantly after ward? In case he performed, who was simply his attorney? I would would you like to prevent the lawyer just who cannot get something better than hell in settlement. by Harvey MaudlinReport definition
  • prince of darkness could be the title triumphed by satan after their fall from divine grace of God.Moreover, during night-time, evil is raw and darkness is emblematic of loneliness, vaguness, obscurity and scary so all that are kindda essences of satan.Beware associated with darkness..... by Homer MoretReport definition
  • Satan, opponent of this sheepfucker "god" by VadaReport definition
  • younger Male, Wearing top end companies, Talks like a Black Male, Enjoys the business of women of this finer Nature. by TeodoroReport definition
  • rayness by GeraldoReport definition
  • Ozzy Osbourne's (Black Sabbath) nickname may be the Prince of Darkness, he is cool. by Solange SkeeterReport definition
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