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  • younger of the two brothers, Prince Harry could be the person who is permitted to perish without one influencing the nation, mostly. Performed I mention he could be ginger? by JeffereyReport definition
  • A drunken trick that is proved himself becoming prejudiced and ignorant. Decked out as a Nazi to a celebration making racist remarks towards a fellow soldier of Pakistani origins and labeled as another cadet a "raghead."His just skill is hanging out and swinging their arms completely like a gorilla at the cameras once he is squandered. Their wasteful way of life is, needless to say, purchased by the Uk taxpayer. by Werner VitaReport definition
  • 1.A Nazi2.A Derrogative term for a German: "examine that Prince harry with all the friggin' bath towel on the sunbed" by Anneliese ByrumReport definition
  • the younger child of Prince Charles, Prince Harry believes it really is fun to dress-up as a nazi. He probably discovered the uniform in Princess Michael's wardrobe. Er, has actually anybody ever shared with her that Michael is actually a boy's title? by Alethia DinanReport definition
  • Since pictures have recently surfaced of Prince Harry naked in nevada, a "Prince Harry" shall henceforth be known as a text of a naked image. by Brandi CoupeReport definition
  • Son of Prince Charles and the younger cousin of Prince William. Their complete name is HRH Princy Henry Charles Albert David Windsor. He was created Sep. 15, 1984 at 4:02am. Their mom, Princess Diana, died in 1997 of a vehicle crash. by Meaghan GregoReport definition
  • A marijuana cigarette.Origins: Youngest child of Prince Charles and more youthful brother of Billy the Boy King, Prince Harry was memorably caught smoking/possessing marijuana in the early noughties.See also: combined, spliff, doobie etc. by Lashon HensenReport definition
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