What does oober mean in Urban Dictionary?

  • This is my method of spelling "uber". It means exactly the same thing as "uber" but its better because its my way of spelling it no matter exactly what everybody else states thats how you can cause it by KimberyReport definition
  • the gay solution to cause UBER. by Alethia DinanReport definition
  • Its UBER you dumbass... Get a dictionary! by GregoryReport definition
  • completely _________.reallyvery by AnjelicaReport definition
  • a great deal; alot by AbbeyReport definition
  • It's not oober or uber, it is über, from German. by RodolfoReport definition
  • May be interchanged with Ooberly. Antonym to the German word über. In this way, you must use this word after the noun. It describes how something if fat, slummy, or down right disgraceful. by AbbeyReport definition
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