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  • ogame is german-originated video game in which you get very own world and assault other people's planets simply for your very own sense of well being. you need to mine for sources to construct ships, weapons, defenses, and more. you'll join alliances to guard yourself, or make your very own. then you definitely PWN your entire friends whom thought you mightn't play as you had been a n00b and a lady. draw it, men. by PatriciaReport definition
  • a-game that fucking retards which have no life play by LeopoldoReport definition
  • is the greatest online game on the web!! by Avelina LonginoReport definition
  • ideal game on the web!! by HertaReport definition
  • a free of charge, real time internet browser, text-based online game this is certainly always in play. Your goal is colonize planets and collect sources while amassing huge fleets. Ultimately, you wish to destroy various other fleets while continually attempting to expand your kingdom. You can find multiple universes with this online game, therefore originated from Germany. It, along with more information, are found at www.ogame.org. by DarlenaReport definition
  • Game designed to destroy your enitre social life while making you continual wondering in which you fleet is.. But in some way manages to be amazing! by Ling LaidlawReport definition
  • ANTI-OGAME The Ogame that everyone loves till the overall game providers get you among their particular mix hairs. The GO's are unforgiving no matter what the offence. It could be as small as striking not the right switch. (OOPS)NO oops your prohibited. A number of the principles make since like swearing principles or multi-accounting. Then you can find the only real English language or your banned. Or perhaps you cannot help your buddy fleet save or you tend to be banned FOR A LIFETIME. These people are energy crazy and love to show it. This game would-be a lot of fun when they just weren't so much like communist. Folks let up who do you think you will be. Managing everything to a T only shows exactly how little you actually tend to be. You can not also get help although string of demand. They just blow you off....we wager if some body had been to audit them it would perhaps not turn-out brilliant. Only a thought. Oh the Game operators tend to be people in the video game also. How is fair when they are playing against you. What can you are doing. NOTHING you fold over and take it up the story pipeline. Why perform a casino game which takes forever to achieve anything simply to ask them to ban you for many stupid explanation. JUST proclaim NO TO OGAME by Dave DibenedettoReport definition
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