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  • employed by Nigerian fraudsters, this is just like the Ghanaian "chaley", meaning exactly like "dude". However in this context it usually means a scammer higher up the chain, who controls other scammers - like a lame form of a Mafia Don. by LonReport definition
  • Nigerian pidgin word for manager. by LyleReport definition
  • (first Graffitio User)OGA means a small grouping of four individuals on Graffitio which believe these are generally a lot better than everyone and cut individuals who should really be OGA out as they do not like all of them or have nothing better to do. OGA is now fundamentally several individuals who have absolutely nothing simpler to do than exclude people from a group and feel very special about on their own simply because they place themselves into friends that is present on an iPhone app. by Eugenio DoyalReport definition
  • Original Graffitio Artist. An outstanding member of the Graffitio neighborhood. OGA people tend to be long-time people of Graffitio that battle the noble reason for getting rid of people that don't donate to the wellness of neighborhood. This includes getting rid of users which claim to-be OGA, while they are not. Numerous users want to join OGA but cannot because the team isn't any longer accepting applications. OGA was started by two users in July of 2008 to fight the "Sexy Seven." (in the beginning, OGA was a group against groups) The war proceeded for a few days and OGA appeared victorious. During fight, the frontrunners noticed added users that joined in to assistance with the reduction procedure. These were quickly included with the group. These few leet users have actually joined causes and so are now-known as OGA. Lots of people have tried to thwart the efforts of OGA and have now unsuccessful miserably. by Michelina BurchfieldReport definition
  • Stands for "Oh, good alligator". When one brings an alligator somewhere and it is very good. This phrase is what the other person would say in response. Only, they are just kind of surprised, hence the "oh". by Anneliese ByrumReport definition
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