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  • defectively written, sensationalised UK music weekly. Likes white songs. No longer the 'bible' it once was, concentrates on and indie scene that is slow diluting itself to the main-stream. by Leland FeitReport definition
  • nme by NelsonReport definition
  • Not me personally often, like. Maybe not me personally, as you. by RonnieReport definition
  • A corporate-shitheap/music-magazine with redefined the indie genre to suggest "Commercial shite."Full of bad journalists, drugs, and indie kids.NME doesn't enable you to have a viewpoint. So don't decide to try. NME is always right- relating to their particular "editors" a band is amazing, or total shite. by FannyReport definition
  • A british weekly magazine which has been going for 50 + many years. It used to be good nonetheless it features converted into a magazine for pop fans which realize these are generally too old for Smash Hits when they start institution and feel the need to listen to 'cool' songs. Its shit. Also image obsessed and is constantly attempting to produce 'scenes'. Gradually the grade of journalism features deteriated from when becoming good to now offering free glossy posters and only have one page a album reviews. Some say it will be the fault associated with the current editor. (Conner McNicholls or something like that) by HertaReport definition
  • a very biased, possibly the most biased brit mag ever. It offers bad article authors, assuming someone inside whole organization doesnt like a band, they are going to constantly chat shit about that band by Nilsa BogardReport definition
  • The NME. actually, i am rather interested in this mag, but it is totally down to that i am enthusiastic about particular rings, often covered in the mag. In my experience, NME 'journalists' are not really journalists at all. They are essentially you are average songs lover that thinks they are a journalist. With that you get irritating opinions, badly written biased reviews, and a tendency to suck as much as something that could oftentimes be considered "brand new, EXCITING, AVAILABLE TO YOU, EDGY, COOL, VERY COOL, MAKE United States COOL", and even though these types of groups frequently tend to become, really, Franz Ferdinand. The NME often symbolises much of the thing I dislike in regards to the people. by Kendra DearingReport definition
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