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  • 1. National Missile Defence. A controversial plan to set up a series of interceptor methods to destroy incoming nuclear warheads and render a whole country safe from missile assault.2. A virulent curse in Mandarin Chinese, as coined by belated Qing Dynasty and early Republic of China journalist Lü Xun, just who defined the "national curseword" associated with the Chinese people as "ni ma de", or virtually "your mommy's ...". Lü Xun never specified just what ownership or an element of the mother is intended, but you can think it's obscene.Compare this with TMD and WMD. by CassieReport definition
  • NMD represents "Nosh my Dick" in addition employed by saying "Nosh my D" or "N my D"often mixed up with NMV meaning "Nosh my Vagina" or "Nosh my V"(please see nosh ) by Carmella HuckinsReport definition
  • An acronym or abbreviation for "perhaps not my day"usually interchangeable with "fml" by Nickolas YutzyReport definition
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