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  • a pc made by ApplePros: - seems great- works well- ideal for work associated tasksCons:- Less customizable than a PC- high priced to correct (ex. you cannot simply pop it open and toss a stock hard disk in there if it dies!) by Michelina BurchfieldReport definition
  • some one with a high processing requirements whonot need become tangled with all the each and every day problems plaguing the PC business. by LyleReport definition
  • truly inexpensive pieces of shit that developed in 1999 after that redesgined in 2002. Many schools have them, and they never run for shit. by Alethia DinanReport definition
  • a form of pc had and made by Apple Inc. Lots of people want it and many individuals do not like it. I believe it's a pleasant machine it is overpriced. Thank you. by Valery FavoriteReport definition
  • The iMac, introduced on may 6 1998 by Apple in the same room where Apple introduced the Macintosh in 1984. It was created by Jonathan Ive, it really is color is blondi blue, named following the famous beach in sydney.launched in the correct minute, in the right destination, with the right style and the right notion of an all-in-one design.-Fastest offering computer system previously, at a particular point they offered one imac every 15 seconds.- Very first computer system with a genuine 'colour'.- Computer system with a handle, so you can lift it up.- No floppydrive, which was a fantastic move forward.- Had a round mouse, the original idea included some light in it.- Very cheap, when compared with various other macs and pc's.In meanwhile, they made brand-new generations of iMac's.upgrades, brand-new colours, brand new design, brand new design.And in 2002, the all new imac was introduced.It became THE must-have computer, with a floating display and a really small system.The iMac happens to be a icon for the 21century, that you simply most likely understand. All of a sudden there showed up imac color garments, watches, diskmans.Even the Xbox of Microsoft had their own imac tints. by Briana BonacciReport definition
  • An "all-in-one" computer system, created for the low-end people. Their ease made all of them popular among schools, colleges, females, new computer system users, alongside those who would not understand some great benefits of purchasing a different computer which can be effortlessly upgraded.-No floppy drive. Intended as "moving forward" nevertheless first designs didnt even have a CD-RW drive, making the simple task of transporting(not transfering) information very inconvenient.-One button mouse, once again, advantageous to 8th-grade pupils and old individuals who might have difficulty comprehending two-button mice.- Regarded as being really cheap, however you are getting everything you pay for(300Mhz, 64mb RAM, 6-gig HD, built-in 15-inch display(not flat) will be costing you $800+) maybe not a real bargain.-A countless schools have obtained brand new G5 computer systems since their particular initial iMacs are nearly impossible to expand/upgrade, making them outdated.If your buying some type of computer, maintain your future in mind; whether it's an O.K. computer system today, what's going to it is in three years? Will you be in a position to increase it and keep it up to date, saving you money in the long term? by Cynthia PressReport definition
  • A personal computer first introduced in 1998 after which re-designed and re-introduced in 2002. First incarnation had been a pc with a 15 inch show. The next design showcased a 15 or 17 inch level panel lcd display organized by a metal supply. From the 2002 model, the screen angle and place may be modified as a result of the metal arm which keeps it. by JamilaReport definition

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