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  • An fbd is a facebook douchebag. Including men with a lot of pals about 150 that they never converse to or women with an excessive amount of buddies at the least 200 of which they'll never converse with by VadaReport definition
  • FBD = full-blown drunkWhen you have gone beyond the point of tipsy as well as on the right path to complete slurring. by ErnestReport definition
  • -Fucking Bored Day-Fucking Boring DayAn expresion used when your time sucks! by Evalyn SegarsReport definition
  • Free overcome Down, or a beat down provided to someone free-of-charge by Roseanne ZiolkowskiReport definition
  • Free-Body DiagramA photo, drawn in physics courses, that shows each power acting on an object. The object is generally shown by a dot, and just shows the forces functioning on THAT object, ergo the name, "free-body" drawing. by Elsy BareReport definition
  • Finger Banging Dave by JoseReport definition
  • Future baby's daddy. by Lacy MantheReport definition
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