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  • Do-nothing Bitch. Popularized by Ronda Rousey in a video leading up to her battle in UFC 190, in which she stated, "i've this term for the sorts of lady that my mommy increased me to never be. We call-it a 'do-nothing bitch'. Or, I call-it a 'DNB' most of the time. She's a bitch which just attempts to be pretty and get taken care of by somebody else" by FerneReport definition
  • short for drum 'n' bass. a style of electronica that includes quick tempos (150~180 bpm) syncopated breakbeats, and a heavy bassline. can include numerous styles of various other songs; jazz, funk, hip-hop, are the common. Occasionally labeled as the 'black people's techno'. quite often the phrase is used interchangibly with forest, but a lot of people believe that jungle and dnb are different. sub-genres include ambient dnb, techstep, 2-step, darkstep, etc. a guy called roni size, that isn't that popular today, basically started the complete style of music. its cool. by Irmgard CaponeReport definition
  • 1. Drum aNd Bass2. Would not Bat or Didn't Bowl - Cricket language by BulahReport definition
  • "Do Nothing Bitch." Someone who touts his or her very own personality or any other private attributes but will not support claims/boasts with activities. It could also be used to define a woman which seeks fame, wealth, and/or admiration, but does nothing of quality to deserve it. by Rubie MinaReport definition
  • a "do-nothing Bitch". A woman who wants to be-all pretty and elegant, merely to have someone look after the girl. by RodolfoReport definition
  • Abbreviation for Drum & Bass.See also d'n'b by Alethia DinanReport definition
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