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  • A word fag-ass scene young ones use to describe deathcore bands, avoiding the old-fashioned "brutal" because we all know deathcore is far from it. by NikoleReport definition
  • 1.)A term often familiar with show happy, exited, feelings. 2.)A term often utilized an individual is impressed by another.3.)Ocasionally made use of when one has already been disrespected. by Chase ChevalierReport definition
  • Synonymous with faggotry. Employed by scenefags and metalheads to explain one thing 'cool'. But, we know that absolutely nothing they fancy is ever before, or ever will be, cool. by Vera AnkneyReport definition
  • (adj)1."scene" term for "pretty darn sweet", "awesomely metal",etc. a.)see "scene" unless you already know just what it is2.word accustomed explain a bands "hardcoreness", also utilized by "the scene" (usually used when speaking about grindcore groups) a.)see grindcore if you don't know already just what that's. by LyleReport definition
  • A fashioncore/scenecore means of saying your message "brutal", usually portraying the opinion of exactly how heavy a song from the styles deathcore or hardcore tend to be. Anyone who makes use of this term inside kind in all severity have been considered douchebags in the current form of society. by LyleReport definition
  • Metal, typically black colored metal, which is more metal than most material, simply put. "br00tal" is a l33t term which means "brutal" in English, therefore defines songs which extremely...metal. by Debroah NeissReport definition
  • 1. adj. Brutal (coherent to demise material conventions) as spelt by center school internet retards, in order to sound cooler.2. adj. Brutal, yet trendy, as a result of prominence on social media internet sites. Usually used ironically by elitist demise material idiots in an effort to protect their stagnant genre from progression. This feeling of the expression is normally put on proponents of the deathcore category, as a reaction towards the category's metalcore influences by Evalyn SegarsReport definition
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