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  • Lord Vaati, Wind Mage, Sorcerer of Darkness, Lord of deep Hyrule Castle, Swordsman, opera lover, sportsman, beauty therapist and 1337 h4x0r, is, to put it simply, the coolest guy live. He's therefore awesome that people five miles away get "Woah!" everytime he much as breathes. It really gets kinda annoying before long.(Fun Truth: No guideline 34 of Vaati is out there, he's that awesome.) by Dorthy FlakeReport definition
  • The epic last boss in minish cap.He has a purple cap,purple cape,purple tresses and is a wind mage.He additionally turns zelda into stone. by Wynell SaltzReport definition
  • The stupid emo final manager when you look at the minish limit, whom tries to change Ganon but eventually simply consumes large amounts of penis. Then cuts himself following link AWESOME-FUCKINGLY defeats him, and grows a vagina.He eventually turns Zelda into stone to attempt to be a heterosexual, but fails and merely gives a blowjob to EVERYONE. by Danilo SensabaughReport definition
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