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  • computer term-a script by which it may be set to complete specific tasks. when opened it will perform these jobs.also viruses or fake viruses could be produced from them by Roman RenardReport definition
  • Acronym for "Vicious Butt Sex". by MarilynnReport definition
  • Acronym that stands for "verbally bitch slapped". When people in higher expert send you emails via e-mail that put you within destination. Usually something unfavorable and downgrading, needs to be communicated via mail. VBS scored extremely when CC-ed to deans, presidents, etc. by LarryReport definition
  • Virtual Bitch Slap by Idella WhippleReport definition
  • VBS means for verbal bitch slap. It really is most commonly used as a verb.To inform down an individual utilizing a professional tone, correct grammar and huge terms. Also inflicting some type of emotional pain that's surprising toward individual getting VBSed. Basically laying it down in a way that cannot provoke a hostile response, however places the person in their devote an eloquent fashion. You've been lawyered and there is no terms that can react. by Francine EnsorReport definition
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