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  • United Aerospace Corporation, the evil business in every the Doom games by YoshikoReport definition
  • consumer Account Control: a security system in Microsoft's Windows Vista os by Idella WhippleReport definition
  • underground art criminals, they are doing kick ass grafitti. by Valery FavoriteReport definition
  • The Union Aerospace Corporation (UAC) is a fictional military-industrial conglomerate from Doom variety of video games developed by Id computer software . Their focus is mostly military weaponry, weapons and defense contracts, aerospace, bio-research, room exploration, also more sinister scientific endeavors. It's probably called following the infamous Union Banking Corporation, and may also have been empowered because of the Weyland-Yutani organization from the Alien movies. by ShirleyReport definition
  • Unauthorized Ass Contact. Takes place when a couple you will need to slip past both in a narrow space and physical contact inadvertently does occur underneath the buckle. Usually this is a non-issue between strangers in a crowded location, but phoning from UAC among co-workers lets each other know it had been a major accident and that you are not wanting to be gay. Initially coined for usage by missile combat crewmembers in Minuteman III launch control facilities. by Valeria SantosReport definition
  • Ultimate Adventist Child: an individual who was raised by Seventh-Day Adventists, are actually protected, and don't know much about worldly things (or things outside of the Bible). by CorneliusReport definition
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