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  • fundamentally a duplicate of WWE which much more retarded and the wrestling in it sucks balls. by Brigida HartnettReport definition
  • TNA or Total Nonstop Assholes is an alternate nickname when it comes to WWE hit off TNA. Unlike WWE, TNA Features Constant nonstop shouting by their particular washed-up wrestlers which constantly act like assholes nonstop. by CorneliusReport definition
  • complete Non-Stop Action = Worst title for a wrestling company in the history of the fake, but enjoyable "recreation".TNA is when former-WWE wrestlers ply their trade when WWE Creative has "nothing for them". Its additionally in which wannabe wrestlers who never ensure it is in WWE could be found.TNA's regular effect WRESTLING tv show is a WWE tribute program featuring several of Vince McMahon's performers of this 80s, 90s and early 2000s. The tv show also recycles old WWE Monday evening RAW tale lines.TNA's month pay-per-view activities are seen by hundreds of thousands. CORRECTION: TNA's monthly pay-per-view occasions tend to be hardly watched and value the company hundreds of thousands annually. by HertaReport definition
  • TNA is a weekly televised wrestling program that's full of predictable nonstop "action". The following is quick break down of an episode of TNA.- Eric Bischoff cuts a 20 moment promo.- The commentary group announce the match card.- A fight stops working backstage and persists around 10 minutes.- A knockouts match is on but leads to about 4 mins, another knockout beats down the winner and walks off.- Eric Bischoff is shown speaking with Ric Flair backstage until commercial break.- A tag group match is on, the facial skin staff wins but they are assaulted after that.- Eric Bischoff and Immortal are chatting backstage about using over.- The primary occasion ends in a no contest whenever Immortal beat down the face superstar.- End of TNA.This is simply similar every single few days but it's fine since they have actually Hogan, Flair, Russo and Bischoff so it's just like WCW, that was pretty horrible but it's harsh to state TNA is a lot like viewing a motor vehicle crash... because a motor vehicle crash would have some meaningful conflict. by JoseReport definition
  • TNA or Total No Action wrestling is thee worst marketing of all times. Most TNA fans are either blind or stupid. Additionally their tv show TNA Impact provides away free passes since they determine if they charged, they're going to have an empty arena everytime. Not their dumbass followers would pay for their shit. Factors for TNA sucking include yet not all:-Overdramatic storylines-Unneeded shock factors-Untalented worked suits covered blood-Incomptent authority figures-Constant constant continual continual WWE references-Typical need to duplicate WWE. Unoriginal-Unconcerned along with their wrestler's health by Alease MeunierReport definition
  • Low budget wrestling league owned and operated by Jerry Jarrett, daddy of wrestler Jeff Jarrett. Essentially wrestling for kids with combine by Rubie MinaReport definition
  • Total Nonstop Action, the wrestling league where fighters go when they either get fired from the WWE or aren't good enough to get there in the first place. by Abbie KoepkeReport definition
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